Pittsburgh, PA − January 4, 2021 − Senator Lindsey M. Williams released the following statement as Senate Republicans indicate their refusal to seat Senator-elect Jim Brewster at tomorrow’s Swearing-In Ceremony:

“Senate Republicans have said they will not seat Senator Jim Brewster tomorrow. This is a direct attack on the democratic process. Senator Brewster won the election. Senate Republicans have already lost multiple court cases trying to change the outcome of the race. The constituents of the 45th district deserve representation now. They should not have to wait for Senate Republicans to pursue additional frivolous federal litigation. They should not have to wait to see if Senate Republicans can throw out their legally cast votes from Allegheny County.

Last session, Senate Republicans threatened to not seat me despite having already lost a challenge in court. Thankfully, we were able to resolve it before Swearing-In Day and I was seated on January 1st with my colleagues. This year, 26 Republicans have decided that they will not seat the certified winner of an election. Every Pennsylvanian – Democrat, Republican, or Independent – should be very concerned about the dangerous path that we are on. What will Senate Republicans do next?

Senate Republicans need to stop ignoring the will of voters and they need to Seat Sen. Brewster.”