“Our Legislature has failed miserably to take even minor steps to hold charter schools accountable for how they spend the taxpayer dollars that they are given or for how their students perform. This inaction has allowed private institutions to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on slick advertisements that promise a higher-quality education, when the truth is that their performance is often worse than the very public schools that they siphon resources and students from. I applaud Governor Wolf for taking what executive actions he can to address these issues, but we know the real solution is for the legislature to address the larger structural issues with the outdated Charter School Law. To that end, I support Senator Browne’s call today for a special session on charter school funding, as well as Senator Brewster’s Charter School Reform Bill, SB 497. Our students and our communities cannot wait any longer for real reform.”

— State Senator Lindsey M. Williams (D-Allegheny)

Media Contact:
Becky Boyle