Pittsburgh, Pa. April 26, 2024 − Senator Lindsey M. Williams and Rep. Emily Kinkead joined Allegheny Land Trust (ALT) in celebrating Earth Day this week by announcing the creation of a 67-acre protected, publicly accessible green space in Ross Township. ALT’s acquisition of a 24-acre green space along Lowries Run connected existing lands, thus creating the green space. Funding for this purchase was made possible in part through a $90,000 Gaming Economic Development Tourism Fund (GEDTF) grant secured earlier this year.

This new addition expands the existing Lowries Run Slopes Conservation Area and connects directly to Ross Township’s Marion Doulton Green Space, creating a total of 67-acres of protected woodlands. This newly expanded space provides incredible opportunities for outdoor recreation and environmental education for local residents.

In addition to these opportunities, this green space preserves water quality in Lowries Run and will help mitigate downstream flooding by absorbing 20 million gallons of rainwater annually.

“The Lowries Run Slopes Expansion Project presented an amazing opportunity to not only support regional resiliency through conservation benefits, but also to create a unique, local greenway that supports outdoor enjoyment, recreation and environmental education,” Lindsay Dill, ALT’s Senior Director of Marketing & Community Engagement, said. “We look forward to what this green space’s future holds for the community.”

“Trees and greenspaces like this play such a vital role in urban environments,” Kinkead said. “Helping reduce air pollution, filtering stormwater, and increasing outdoor recreation opportunities are just a few ways these natural resources benefit our community. Protecting natural areas is in the best interest of our local neighborhoods and I’ll continue working with Senator Williams and other leaders to preserve more spaces like Lowries Run.”

“Increasing access to outdoor recreation space has been a priority for me, as more and more people are taking advantage of all of the benefits of being outside in nature,” said Senator Williams. “I’m also excited for the opportunity to naturally retain stormwater higher up in the watershed. Our downstream communities have been inundated, especially in the past few weeks. This natural green space will provide ample opportunities to absorb and collect rainwater, preventing it from entering Lowries Run and threatening the safety of homes and neighbors downstream.”

Learn more about this project at https://alleghenylandtrust.org/lowriesrunslopesexpand/.