Pittsburgh, Pa. − Diciembre 23, 2020 − Senator Lindsey M. Williams announced that the following four projects have been awarded grant funding through the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP):

  • 51 Bridge Street, LLC in Etna was awarded $1.6 million for the 51 Bridge Street redevelopment project;
  • Allegheny County was awarded $1.5 million for renovations to the North Park Pool;
  • The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) was awarded $500,000 for the Larimer Phase III Commercial project;
  • The URA was awarded $500,000 for the Lemington Mixed Use Senior Apartments and Health Care Facility project; 
  • Steel City Squash was awarded $500,000 for construction of the SCS Academic and Fitness Complex;
  • The Journeymen Apprentice Training Fund for the Sheet Metal Industry of Western Pennsylvania in Harmar Township was awarded $250,000 for the expansion of the Sheet Metal Workers Training Facility.

The 51 Bridge Street development project will fund the redevelopment of the property located at 51 Bridge Street in Etna. This includes acquisition of the three-story industrial building, selective demolition, and reconstruction. At this time, anticipated reconstruction includes steel framing, fireproofing, concrete work, and roofing, as well as the restoration and rehabilitation of the exterior façade.

“Along with Senator Williams and the leaders in Etna, I am proud to support the 51 Bridge Street Project since the managers have been focused on engaging with residents and working with existing community planning efforts,” said Representative Sara Innamorato (D-21).

The North Park Pool project will renovate this popular Allegheny County summer attraction. Planned improvements include repairs and upgrades to the children’s pool to make it ADA accessible; addition of synthetic turf at the splash pad; replacing and repairing concrete work; maintenance to the chlorine, pump, and filtration systems; and ADA upgrades to the pool entrance stairs, bathhouse, and concession areas.

The Larimer Phase III Commercial project is part of the Larimer Vision to Action Plan, which was created in 2013 by the Larimer Consensus Group (LCG), Kingsley Association, and East Liberty Housing, Inc. Phase III of this Plan will construct over 4,000 square feet of commercial space, as well as address the urgent issue of unsafe, inaccessible, and obsolete infrastructure along Larimer Avenue. This proposed redevelopment will directly address quality of life issues for residents by providing them with needed amenities within their neighborhood.

The Lemington Mixed Use Senior Apartments and Health Care Facility project will construct a 16,750 square foot community health care center. This will include the installation of a 255,450-watt Photovoltaic Solar Power System. This project will include adding PV panels, inverters, racking equipment, wire and all associated materials through the AC inverter combiner panel(s).

Steel City Squash, an academic and athletic program that provides opportunities to underserved students in Pittsburgh by combining squash, academics, mentoring, travel, college support, and career readiness for students in 4th – 11th grades. This funding will go towards the acquisition of property for and construction of the SCS Academic & Fitness Complex, an 18,000 square foot facility that includes squash courts with spectator areas, a community room, two dedicated academic classrooms, and staff offices.

“I’m pleased to have had a hand in helping to continue to develop our neighborhoods,” said Representative Ed Gainey (D-24). “It is great to work with neighborhoods to help them achieve their vision. These three positive developments will do a great deal to uplift our communities and build hope for a better tomorrow. Thank you, Governor.”

The Sheet Metal Workers Training Facility expansion project includes physical improvements to the Sheet Metal Industry union hall, including a new HVAC system, electrical upgrades, and a new exterior door, as well as a new roof, exterior repairs, and plumbing improvements to the current training facility. Grant funds will also be used to purchase new furniture, fixtures, and equipment for the reception and kitchen area in the union hall.

“These diverse projects across Senate District 38 represent the some of the best work of our residents—bringing much needed amenities and housing into our neighborhoods, educating and training the next generation, and breathing new life into old facilities,” said Senator Williams. “I am so proud of our communities, and I’m proud to have advocated for this funding to support their work.”

RACP funding is awarded to projects that focus on the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational, and historical improvement projects. These projects should either increase or maintain current levels of employment, tax revenue, or other measures of economic activity.