Pittsburgh, Pa. − Mayo 12, 2021 − Today, Senator Lindsey M. Williams joined members of the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Caucus to introduce their $6.15 billion “New Deal for Pennsylvania” investment plan for the state’s share of the federal American Rescue Plan. 

This plan focuses on investing in the lives of all Pennsylvanians by focusing on our communities, our working families, and our small businesses. Some of the key components of the plan include:

  • A $325 million investment in stormwater, water and sewage projects to not only ensure that all residents have access to safe, clean drinking water, but to protect the lives and property of our residents from the increasing dangers of floods. “Nearly every single one of my constituents has been impacted by stormwater – whether it’s flooded roadways and collapsing water infrastructure on McKnight Road in Ross Township and Kittanning Pike in O’Hara Township, property erosion in McCandless and Indiana Townships, or homes being flooded in Fawn Township. As a state, we need to make a huge, meaningful investment in our water and stormwater infrastructure to improve the lives, safety, and wellbeing of all of our residents,” said Senator Williams;
  • A $400 million investment in our roads, bridges and public transportation. “Pennsylvania routinely ranks as among the worst in the country for the number of structurally deficient bridges,” said Senator Williams. “While you might think that’s only a problem for us here in Pittsburgh—the City of Bridges— the reality is that our infrastructure is crumbling statewide from Allegheny County to Philadelphia County; Crawford County to Wayne County, and everywhere in between.” This funding will also be used to improve public transportation by expanding routes and connections, making it easier to commute to work, shopping, and entertainment;
  • Direct financial assistance to small businesses impacted by COVID-19 mitigation orders, including local non-profits, barbers, salons, museums, caters and event venues, gyms and fitness facilities, and others who have sacrificed so much over the past 14 months in order to save lives. “I’ve heard from so many small business owners – especially our locally owned gyms – who haven’t been eligible for other funding. This plan changes that,” continued Senator Williams
  • A $300 million investment in childcare, which is an essential tool in getting Pennsylvanians back to work, especially for those women who have been forced out of the workforce to care for their children during the pandemic;
  • Investments in education through our intermediate units, after school programs, summer programs, and workforce development programs;
  • Investments in our libraries and parks, the shared spaces that bring us together and serve as the cornerstones of our communities; and
  • A $50 million investment to our EMS providers and volunteer fire companies, the front-line, unsung heroes of both the pandemic and of our day-to-day lives.

“The Senate Democrat’s New Deal for PA is an investment in the life of every single Pennsylvanian. We owe it to our communities, to our working families, and to our small businesses to take the funding from the American Rescue Plan and use it in a way that both reflects our values and gets the most bang for our buck,” said Senator Williams. “There are so many times all of us here have been frustrated because the solution to a problem is obvious; there just isn’t enough money to do it. We have an enormous responsibility to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fix these very real problems and invest in the people of Pennsylvania.”

You can find more information about the Senate Democrats’ “New Deal for PA” here